A Prayer

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Lord Your goodness and Your love will follow me, all the days of my life. I'm surrounded by the favor of my Lord, always and forever.

You know Lord about my worries and the things that stress me these days. I surrender them to you that it will happen according to Your Will. I don't want to nag anymore, make things hard for everyone. I will keep my peace and quiet entrusting everything unto You. I have asked a lot of people to partner with me in prayer and I do believe that You will bless us with answered prayers.

I have previously drafted two long posts using this very same draft and both are full of negativity and disheartened spirit. I cannot seem to be able to post it and I guess I just needed to breath and pray to You about what and how I feel. Thank You for making me edit (and discard) the previous drafts. I trust that all the worries will be gone and I will have faith that the people You've surrounded us won't fail us. I believe and trust that You surround those who are faithful to You with people who won't do them any harm. Thank You for the promise in John 15:7

I would like to claim that promise Lord.

In Jesus' name,

Photo grabbed from: youremygod.tumblr.com 

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