Splatoon: A Fun Gamer's Review

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

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Ok... So I am labeling my review accurately because hardcore gamers (todo bigay reviewers) may criticize my credentials for making such review but as an end-user who happened to participate in the test fires and yeah, for someone who actually acquired the game on the very day of release, I earn myself some blogging rights.

This is a fun game, just like Super Smash Bros.

...and yes, just like Super Smash Bros., lots of players are taking out the supposed fun out of a "fun game" by making it uber competitive (go ask my husband).

For fun gamers like me, I'd say the colors are awesome! It makes the game a lot "funner" and exciting. It is not gender biased because the main characters could either be male or female. I haven't gone that far yet, so I wouldn't know what lies beneath but for a Level 15 player, the weapons and accessories are quite good enough.

The weapons are: 

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Splat Charger 
Splat Roller 
Splattershot Jr. 
Kelp Splat Charger 
Krak-On Splat Roller 
Custom Splattershot Jr. 
Classic Squiffer 
Dynamo Roller 
Tentatek Splattershot 
New Squiffer 
Gold Dynamo Roller 
.52 Gal 
Aerospray MG 
Kelp Splatterscope 
Jet Squelcher 
E-Liter 3K 
The Blaster 
Forge Splattershot Pro 
Splattershot Pro 
.52 Gal Deco
.96 Gal 
Aerospray RG 
Rapid Blaster 
Custom Jet Squelcher 
Dual Squelcher 
Custom Blaster 
Rapid Blaster Deco

My personal favorite is thKrak-On Splat Roller. It makes the splatting much easier than the shooters (at least for me). I think all rollers rock!

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My husband likes the machine gun-like spray that attacks people everywhere. I just hate dislike hate gamers who kill me all the time, like they exist not to splat but to kill (sarap tirisin in real life!).

There are some outstanding gamers I've played with and loved being grouped with but whenever playing against them, ughh, dread it so much! I wish people can chat while playing so "they can talk about strategy." I adore those teams who without being able to talk about the game play, immediately knows how to roll like I'd be the sniper, you be the shooter and charger, and yes, one can splatter with the rolling pin (as my son would refer).

My limited motor skills makes it a little difficult for me to control the stick (view) but that's a handicap on me and not on the game.

I played again (just now) and yeah, got hit a bunch of times, nevertheless, the total experience is still amazing! Besides, my team only got beaten up once and I am up another level!  I am so happy about this game and I look forward to more wins. God willing I'd always play with Kenneth and Lluuks! Man these two are wicked players!

Overall, I'd give Splatoon 4.5 stars. You made me want to stay up playing again!

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