Kean Cipriano: One Fine Discovery

Sunday, June 07, 2015

Credits to: Krittters12 for the video

I never realized how talented Kean Cipriano is until today's episode of ASAP.

Not only that he is super handsome, the guy can really sing. Well of course, the fact that he sings for a band, how can you go wrong when it comes to his voice, right?

ABS-CBN being able to catch such charming talent is totally a win-win situation on both the network and the artist --- I mean, Kean being an awesome performer (especially) in his Sessionistas stints in ASAP [among his other guestings and shows], bonggels diba? ... syempre, he's with ABS-CBN pa, where else does someone go if he/she wants to be a star?! Aber, san pa talaga?

He does look like the Japanese hottie I used to go gaga over some years back, if you remember Gokusen 2? His name was Hayato Yabuki.

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Such a cutie right?

... and yes, just like what I've always told my husband, these 2 dudes somehow look like, Maja Salvador. I don't know why and how, but I am guessing it's all about their eyes!

Image Source: Mens's Health


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