Friendship Blues

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Words can really hurt, so we have to be cautious on how we speak our minds. What hurts even more is the lack of trust you get from people who you consider to be of importance.

I have a friend who asked me about something (strange for friends) and I was like, "did you really think I am capable of doing that? Don't you know me at all?" It sucks when others don't really know you despite the years of togetherness. You invest and invest on friendship ---building solid relations strengthened by time and situations and yet, there's nothing!

As I've painfully described a friend, business is business when it comes to him. Don't you dare think there's anything beyond it. I was wrong, I totally crossed the line. I considered him a friend and well, business is really business. I should not have imposed.

There's one person really close to me and my family who just stopped communicating with us. I don't really know why --- like she does not know any of us anymore. It sucked because there are people you put for lil' his and hellos and then there are those you put on a pedestal and consider your friends but for some reason, they don't care so yeah, it kinda hurts.

When faced in situations like this, the best thing to do is let go and let God --- let God do the talking. Let Him take the action, for all we can do is trust in Him that everything will be alright.

Whatever I am feeling right now will pass. My God is an awesome God, I will not be shaken!

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