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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

I know a lot of mom workers out there feel double pressured with the things that go around the office and at home. I am so jealous with work at home moms (WAHMS) because they can still live normally as a mother but those who are working in the office, we're blessed if we have understanding bosses who wouldn't steal your family time by calling incessantly.

I remember Hugh Grant's movie Two Weeks Notice with Sandra Bullock, a hardcore lawyer cum personal assistant and he would call her for anything at any time. He would bother her in the middle of the night to ask a non-work related question. Hugh really did not respect the personal time of Sandra therefore, she had to give the "notice."

Then there's another worker whom you may remember very well, Andy Sachs (Anne Hathaway). She's a bright-eyed journalist who went into the publishing world only to become a personal assistant. Her boss being Miranda, the Editor-in-Chief of a prestigious magazine bullies every assistant she's ever had. Amazingly, she's gotten so fond of Andy because she is obviously a winner but her bullying and impossible requests made Andy's life unfulfilled.

In real life, there are loads of people who are like Andy, that no matter how difficult, unprofessional and impossible the tasks are, they still manage to get it done. Unfortunately, there are also bosses who instead of appreciating you, they reward you with more impossible tasks, hence the "FED UP FEELING." This system doesn't work with single people --- it will never ever work with parents (family people). Bosses who do not respect the personal time of his/her staff are that ones who'd be left by every worker there is. As the saying goes, "people leave bosses, not the company." It's just so true most of the time.

So what do we do? Pray for employers who know the value of family and care enough to extend it not only to his/her own. Pray for respect. Otherwise, no one can make it.

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