How To Avoid Anger

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

When you encounter someone who leads you to sin, pause for a minute so you'd avoid being led to that direction and react non-Christianly. A lot of us meet temptations in our daily lives, it could be our neighbors, bosses, parents, husbands, wives, children. All could be triggers of anger. Always remember that it is written,

"Let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak and slow to anger." James 1:19

If you speak politely --- you will not anger anyone. If you have ears that listen, then you'd have better understanding and if you've got a heart that's slow to anger, well --- we know the drill, no fights.

But of course, we cannot be in control all the time, the devil targets the Christians and tempts us to sin and anger. Always keep our hearts and minds focused onto the fact that we live by a standard where devil is not allowed.

So you may ask, what do we do when people insist on making you angry. Well, I have a personal experience about this. There's this person who never speaks to me politely --- he is always rude and yells (one question or one sentence addressed to him, the answer will be in full rage without any valid reason). For someone who is respected at work, in my organizations, and in my family, I feel that it's not too much to ask (I mean older people give me respect). I can't help not wonder, "how come I am respected by those around me but with him, it's just so hard?"

Of course, I am only human, despite being able to keep my cool, there would be times that I'd react to the abuse --- but my doing so leads me to anger... thus leading me to sin. I hate sin! So when it happens and I was able to remember being in control, I utter a silent prayer to take me away from that situation. If impossible, just to let me take a deep breath and ignore.

There are people who are triggers to sin, just like how cholesterol, fats and salt trigger death, but just like medicines, there's also cure, and that's remembering what was told >>> remember James 1:9.

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