Krisel Mallari's Speech Takes Me Back to the 90s

Monday, March 23, 2015

I was shocked by the weirdness of the school who interrupted the speech of Ms Krisel Mallari, Salutatorian. I had to make a small chika chika with my friend about it because as I've told her,
#relatemuch talaga.
Anyhow, that would have been my speech had I graduated in my former high school. To tell you the truth, my speech had been prepared since I was in 6th Grade--- few hours (could be) after I discovered that despite my being the school representative in almost every subject except Filipino and Math (and actually winning 1st place in everything, except in Music where I placed 4th after being picked on the spot because our representative got sick), I only got the second spot -- Salutatorian! I mean, how can I be the best in these subjects when the Valedictorian is 5 pts. ahead of me in the report card! You should have sent her instead of me in all those subjects, I don't think she'd been busy representing the school for the subject... dan dararan! >>> FILIPINO!

How was I the best in those subjects to the point of representing the school in district and division meets and yet, get so far behind in the report card?!! 

How how the carabao?!! I mean for those who are clueless, 5 pts. sa card sa isang subject is "huge deal" sa calculation, as in lampaso ka na to the max... ang hirap rumecover from that!

Well, I was bitter. Yes. I have my speech all prepared waiting 4 years to be presented, lol!! Until my most dreaded day came, I actually became first honors and I said, what am I to contest?! I should have something to protest about. Whoaaaa... being in the first place doesn't really feel good after all.

I had crushes, I had my stupid COCC obsession days... I did not care for the honors! It was like, keber, kung ano nalang... Imagine, it came to a grading period that I became in 4th place sharing with someone who was so surprised I've fallen that far. I said,
4th place is HELL, I gotta move back to where I belonged and it was too late. The competition is very close, I only managed to be #2. What the hell. It was my fault.
Naging bwakaw na naman ako. I cannot believe I've become so far behind, I started losing interdistrict contests. Those whom I've consistently beaten since grade school managed to sweep me to 3rd or no place at all, it was yeah... another hell for me. I mean, mayabang ako eh. I cannot be beaten so once again, I've made it a point to come back.

Little did I know that something would happen shortly after that will totally change my so called life. We had to move to Saudi Arabia. I moved to a school where I got nothing even ang pinagkamatayan kong CAT na nagkapasa pasa ako during initiations rites and na-bully ng mga officers todo todo for so long kakaalipin sagigilid sa amin. All were for nothing because I was not given a chance to be an officer in my new school or kahit exemption man lang sa CAT or be a medic (pero sila nagbibigay ng ganung recommendations sa transferee nila ha pero sa incoming --- nothing!) So yeah, I lost everything, even the drive to be top all the time. It was killed for me by the mere fact that I've moved in my senior year. It's not like I cry about the prom or something, nothing like the teen flicks you see direct to DVD :)
PS: Ang tatalino rin ng mga taga new school ko especially our Valedictorian. I really love how her brain works. 
Anyhoo, I am proud of Krisel's drive to make such speech pero is there a point to my story? Of course there is, thank you for patiently waiting for it.

I was vindicated (and felt being so) a year after high school when something drastic happened to my honor roll rival. I was happy in a way when people approached me and said,
buti ka pa ano? 
There's a sense of pride and victory in a way. And then the very weird rumor back in college na people were talking about me having graduated summa cum laude, hahaha. You got to laugh at that! I was far from being cum laude. Let's just say, in college --- I LIVED.  I may have been part of the dean's list for some semesters but yeah, not summa cum laude. But you know what, that rival? She actually went back to school and studied hard and actually graduated cum laude. It was too late for her to get re-vindicated because people had the final say when the former happened. But then the strange thing is...
I may be doing well at work right now, I may be having the time of my career having been given an opportunity to practice my degree. But this is not the life I've dreamt of. As simple as it may be, I actually wanted to be a high school teacher (check mo pa high school yearbook ko). I want to teach in my supposed alma mater. I want to be there and build a home somewhere near the place.  You know what? That's her life right now. She became a teacher and she's actually now a head teacher or something, for all I know, principal na sya!
Point is, it's not going to matter what you were back then. It's not going to matter how many medals you bagged! An altar of trophies is worthless and pointless when you are living life itself. Hindi yan bibilangin habang tumatawad ka sa binibili mo sa Divisoria.

Looking back, I realized I've wasted so many years hating when I could be living life happily. Bilog ang mundo. Those who wronged you in the past, God knows nasan na sila ngayon. Ang importante is how you're living your life NOW.

Walang kwenta ang nakaraan because it's today that matters. I may not know how she is feeling right now (we became friends later on but haven't communicated for like a year now) but one thing I'd say about her, I am inggit sa career nya. Walang speech na kayang mag explain how happy I am for her and sana ako rin teacher like her. So I am actually thankful for getting transferred in my senior year...
Salamat sa Dyos because that speech I've been meaning to give did not happen. Otherwise, mine would be a lifetime of regret that only lobotomy or Alzheimer's could relieve.
But to your school Krisel --- >>> 
They could have done their damage control better.  Ruining your moment made it harder for them to justify themselves to the judging public. They wasted their chance. And that faculty member on stage na gigil na gigil sayo? Kaloka sya ha!

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