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Friday, March 06, 2015

I am officially an AIMer (Riyadh based).

I joined AIM Global not because of the money it promises to its hardworking sellers and networkers but because I BELIEVE IN ITS PRODUCTS. Their strategy is to get the best and most reliable supplements and put it in one collection thus giving it an amazing selling point.

I have personally tried C24/7 and I must say, being sickly and all, I am the best testimonial for my potential clients because since I tried it, I haven't been sick, not at all. I am the type of person who gets hospitalized because of a simple flu for no known reason. Whatever I've experienced in the past started with flu (or simple colds) and thankfully, I haven't had the flu for a quarter now, so nothing to start right?

I am very blessed because this product was introduced to me indirectly by my boss who passed it onto my desk because he wanted me to try it. It was a box of C24/7 given to him by my upline and voila, I have proven it to be effective and have been giving testimonials since.

This is very affordable... Imagine for 7980PHP and you get to avail the perks of membership which include the following:
Should you need more information: 
Please contact me at and our team will be of automatic service :)

Happy healthy living!

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