AIM Global Scholarship Tie Ups

Friday, March 06, 2015

Imagine sending your children to college? Expensive right?

But you're an OFW who's worked all your life to give the best for your kids, I am certain that you have the means to send them to any school he/she would like.

But what about the people in your home province? Your relatives... the kids of your youngest sister, or brother? Are they able? Are they capable of sending their 3 kids to college with their very minimal income in the Philippines? Being the helpful OFW that you are, your first instinct is to help them but how many kids can you help while sending one or two of your own?

Hurry hurry and collect as many certificates as you can! Send kids to school and become AIM scholars!

What are you waiting for? Email me at and our team would be of automatic assistance!

Certificates are transferable and don't expire! Check this out!

AIM Global has made it easy for everyone to send someone to school with good discounts and for some --- even absolutely free! That is one of the many perks of AIM Global. Scholarship certificate for all members.Here is the list of AIM Global tie ups and affiliated schools. CLICK ME for the LIST.

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