Are You a Single Lady on Valentine's?

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Think about it, it could be better for you.

When you feel like settling down, make sure you checked some other things that engaged or married people forgot to navigate before committing to forever --- your Valentine's date forever that is.

  • Will he narrow down your options?
  • Will he enclose you to his own little circle?
  • Will he make you stop working?
  • Will he make you a plain housewife who bakes and cooks?!!!
  • Will he not drive for you when you need him too?
  • Will he restrict you for seeing your parents? Your friends?
  • Will he be irritated to hear anything that seems you're having a life?
  • Will he not give you a home of your own?
  • Will he not allow you decide for your family because, well yeah, the previous item?
  • Will he not let you save for the rainy day?
  • Will he get you stuck in a life you never dream of having?
  • Will he dictate your every move?
  • Is he boxed into a small world that you'd got to live with for all eternity?
  • Will he not celebrate Valentine's with you?

Well, have some pondering and check out your life.

A lot of women are drowning on quicksand with their hopes and dreams attached to them... The girl in the photo is certainly having a harder time than you sulking about being dateless on this very much commercialised day. Think about it. Do you think it's all about candies and red roses? Fancy restaurants with fancy suits and ties? Think again.

A lot of women rushed into situations only rich people can afford getting out from. Some are still there because of the silly hope of forever that others plotted for them to believe --- not even promised. 

I am not saying don't get married. But don't get all giddied up by brights eyes and romantic words. See what's in store for you after the exchange of vows. Some even have an opportunity to see it before the vows but are too stupid to run away. Check his life, his background, his social circle, his family... check everything about your dream Valentine because before you know it, you're stuck in a quicksand... you might get away from it and escape alive... but yeah, that muddy feeling will live to give you nightmares for the rest of your life!

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