An Open Letter to PNoy

Thursday, February 05, 2015

I am nothing but hurt and torn about what's happened with the 44 SAF members who got brutally killed in the ambush. I feel extra burdened knowing how easily life can get taken away from families. I imagine the children, wives, girlfriends, siblings and parents of these men --- what they've undergone is unimaginable. No one would want to imagine how life would be had it been them on their shoes --- no one!

You see, these men have been loved and cradled by their families... Parents struggled to support them, to send them to school, to get them reach their goals,  but their lives were taken as if they're useless and of no value at all. I feel so hurt on behalf of their parents whose hardships got disregarded, all for power and greed --- hunger and lust for authority!

Dear Mr President,

I don't want you to resign or get ousted. I hope you'd get to complete your service because unlike others, I certainly believe that you've done a lot for our country. You've made good projects and somehow, made Philippines better than GMA's reign. But really, your non-attendance was a bad decision Mr President. I mean, ok, you might get blamed by their families and people might say that we've sent them to a war that we're not prepared for and yeah, you will be the absorber of all these bitterness the families feel right at that moment but hey! You are the President of the Philippines, whatever weight you'd have to carry for them that time, you can dust yourself off and do what you're supposed to do --- to give comfort and reassurance to their loved ones that their fallen 44 did not die in vain... instead, they died with pride while fighting for a country worth dying for.

But what have you done? You totally showed that what happened is only equivalent to some inauguration or something and that of course, you cannot send a representative to do the ribbon cutting or some sort! Whatevs!

You totally pissed Grace Lee off! I mean hello, she stooped to the level of Leah Navarro's ass kissing! Nainis tuloy si Lola Grace!

Once again, Kris is the talk of the town and thankfully, she's only being bashed for unfollowing celebrity friends who made Instagram posts/comments about the President's priorities, I mean, buti nga ito nalang (I mean IG babaw) instead of acquiring STDs or something gaya ng mga pasabog nya dati. At least this is better than making sawsaw on James Yap's current relationship making screenshots of their SMS with each other, but then again, milyonarya sya so yeah, she's allowed to practically do anything she wishes to. I mean, was that noche buena or media noche when she supposedly excused herself to talk about her contract and just told PNoy na, "millions Noy" --- or something like that, forgive me, narinig ko lang yan sa Aquino and Abunda. Ako man, yun, I'd say, "millions, with matching panlalaki ng mata!"

So I still like you PNoy, at least to complete your term and make things better for us Pinoys even for the short remaining period of time. Kaya pa yan! We believe you've got more than your social calendar to offer and we still trust in you.

Iboboto pa rin kita kung si Bong, Jinggoy at Mar Roxas ang kalaban mo :D I mean, Grace Poe could be good kasi alam nya who to target! Imagine her "fixation" with the MRT issue --- nga naman, commuters ang karamihan sa botatente... brasuhan na kung brasuhan, pababain ang pamasahe hangga't kaya, tutual naman, ilang tulog na lang diba?!!

So yeah Mr President, I'd still say yes. Bawi bawi lang pag may time?

Photo grabbed from Google Images: Credits to Philippine Canadian Inquirer being the source

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