A Piece of My February

Friday, February 20, 2015

The month of February had been so unfavorable for me. It was so horrific. I have cried so many times for some things that are not necessary. I mean, who needs unnecessary stress right? But that's life. You will get a lot of accusations, blames and you'd swallow it because you've exhausted your energy explaining but to no avail... people will still believe what they want to believe.

I am rethinking the course of my life. I feel like I am not going any farther and I am even being sucked by the curse of being an OFW, all cash out and no savings. I should start thinking not just an individual, but as a family person.

I am just so depressed because I live a life of no choice.

The only thing that keeps me happy is that knowing I have loving family and few good friends who stick by me and believing in me without thinking twice.

Nakakatuwang merong mga tao na would take your word for it, di kagaya ng iba na kahit ialay mo na ang buong buhay mo, questionable pa rin ang efforts mo. God bless them.

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