The Year that Was

Thursday, January 01, 2015

This year has been nice to me. Health-wise, still a little off for me and Brooklyn but we are thankful because we surpassed it all. God has proven to be the captain of our lives and He has yet again manifested His power over us in super amazing ways! I love how He is so obvious in making Himself felt.

I felt my spiritual growth this year too. God has given me the maturity to deal things in different light.  I have learned a lot of things that I knew theoretically in the past but has not been practicing at all because I felt like it wasn't me. Now, I finally felt that I am.

I've spent my year watching movies and TV series too. I have not been on a long vacation so pardon my being a couch potato. I still love Grey's Anatomy and Pretty Little Liars. I stopped watching Suits because of a certain plot change that I did not quite like but I know I am going to be back. I stopped watching Revenge because it's just too dark for me, I know I'd continue watching it, don't worry Emily.  I love How to Get Away with Murder, such a delight to see Dean Thomas grow older than how he was in Harry Potter :) I am looking forward to its resumption in 29 January.

Weeeeew! Too much food consumption this year. I need to take a break from munching into fried things. I love my life and I thank God for always being beside us.

Happy 2015! Bye 2014...

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