On Travels

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

So I was talking to my husband the other time, I asked him,

how come we don't travel a lot? 
My husband is well traveled and I am not. I only started traveling the places I want to see back when I was working in King Faisal, I was around 25 or 26, quite late compared to people nowadays. Well, I've always been here (in Riyadh) that's why I rarely travel. But after getting married, I had the impression that we'd always travel because I have mentioned a million times how I love to see other places, cultures and people and knowing how he's been raised, I assumed it would not be too difficult.

But the question just lingers, how come we don't travel a lot... I realized the answer some time ago but I refused to believe so. My husband travels for a purpose. As silly as it may seem, he would go to a place for a pair of pants, for a gadget that's not yet internationally out, for something local yet popular... and I want to travel for the experience I'd gain from it. Ebay and Amazon killed it for me! Since he discovered sellers from these engines, gone are the days that I am traveling.

Few days back, I found a real affordable ticket to Paris and I was like, ok, EuroTrip! He would say that our son is still small for these travels and that he throws tantrums all the time. What ever happened to leaving him with our parents? More so, there isn't a problem if he comes a long--- in fact, I would be more delighted. I've known couples who take their babies/toddlers with them as they travel and I don't see them complaining you know. But for some reason, today, he seems more positive into the idea of traveling. I am glad because knowing how he overreacts most of the time to proposals like this and that, I appreciate him entertaining the idea of us travelling during religious holidays! I feel excited about it!

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