Riyadh Craft

Sunday, November 30, 2014

I discovered yet another online business in Riyadh and it's called, Riyadh Craft. I liked the store very much, why you must ask. Well, there are three things I particularly loved:

  1. Quality of the handicraft. It is well-crafted and carefully made. You can see it on the craftsmanship. Looks very durable.
  2. The seller is very accommodating and they offer delivery at certain order price. Her husband delivered our items and he is very kind as well.
  3. The price is competitive. I know that there are cheaper items that can be bought in groceries, riyalins, and Daiso. But I've seen them you know and it's nothing compared to my purchase via Riyadh Craft. It's back is cushioned. I don't know if that difference matters to you guys but to me, it does! Not to exclude the fact that the hanger is made of wood which means, it doesn't fold on the sides and won't slouch as time go by because it's fitted according to the size of the hanging organiser.
Here are photos of my purchase (grabbed from the store):

I have installed the first photo and still got the shoe organiser to assemble tomorrow :D 

I feel so giddy with these organising stuff! I can organise and organise stuff the whole day! The happiness of a mom --- to make her home as neat as possible. Well in my case, it's hardly that but regardless, I love things on its place anytime of the day so there... more place to organise them!

I am so happy there are online stores super accessible these days!

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