Trying This and That

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Part of my winter routine is to change my wardrobe and practically box everything out of my closet. Since winter is a friendly season for my look, I decided to add some stuff on my make up stash to complement my winter fashion plans

(don't get me wrong, I am not a fashionista or something--- I just love dressing up for the cold weather). 
And guess what? I discovered an online store (Riyadh based) that offers hard to find makeups in way cheaper price than the other store in Riyadh online market. Yes, there's Sephora but why exhaust ourselves looking for hard to find items when Irene's Closet deliver at the comfort of our homes!

My experience was great. My items were on hand and some were pre-ordered. I was immediately scheduled to receive my orders so I really felt soooooooo excited about it!

Getting these items to me had been a breeze, Irene's Closet's techie way of delivery must be adapted by other stores that offer door-to-door deliveries! 1st use of Velvet Teddy. Since I don't have the butt of a Kardashian, might as well settle to at least getting their lip shade, diba!?! Hehe.

God speed!


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