On Buying Something Life Size

Thursday, October 30, 2014

I was very excited last night seeing that there are life size adult Spiderman costumes being sold in Ebay. I immediately asked my husband if he is into wearing a costume for Brooklyn’s fun and I saw his eyes lit up for a brief moment then he hesitated. 

So I asked him:
Why the hesitation, you seemed giddy about the idea? 
Then my husband reminded me how our son would never leave home without any of his Spiderman toys. He has this stuffed Spidey (a very cheap one from Panda, around 40 SAR), Papa Spidey (foot long Spiderman figure), Baby Spidey (less than 3 inches in size) and his Black Spidey (Venom). According to him, he hesitated because he was able to imagine Brooklyn asking for Pipi Spidey and desperately crying for it like crazy --- and that yes, he might end up wearing the costume every night! Hehehe, I totally want to see Brooklyn piss his father all the way!

With that, I immediately clicked Buy Now and voila! I should receive it anytime soon.

Received the shipment, after a very weird waiting time via boxhop...

Now, here's Brook and Spidermommy:

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