My Heart Goes to Micho Pamintuan

Thursday, October 02, 2014

Ref: Fabio, Denise Oca, Melissa Mendez, Micho Pamintuan brouhaha

Why do I somehow feel empathy on Micho Pamintuan?
Simply because admit it or not, it is hard to accept that your future husband already has a child/children from a woman he used to like/love/adore --- regardless of what degree.

There’s a small percentage of the population who would probably accept it with pure heart, as in, 
“Why hello there my boyfriend’s little girl from his most recent ex! Come, let’s go to Disneyland together!” 
Some will act like it is okay but are super bitter and insecure inside (like almost dying) while there are some who won’t even be able to pretend! There are also those kindhearted people who will try their best to accept the situation but failed because believe me, this is hard.

Micho Pamintuan may have done something evil and hurtful (quoting Fabio), but it’s normal reaction to a situation that she never thought she’d experience ever. It’s new for her and it’s something no one prepares for! If her bashers would say that they’d been on her situation before and that they never reacted as hurtful as Micho did, my answer will be, "because you’re not the same." People react differently on similar situations and that’s how her heart reacted at that time, pardon one's humanity.

But you know what, cliché as it could get, “love transcends all boundaries,” and can sometimes induce temporary insanity. So what the heck! She's in love, she is allowed to react. If Denise decided to shame her online, then she will be tried by publicity and it all boils down to her mentioning the word, "abortion" ---with that in mind, 
Wala na, unfair na unfair na ang judgment ng mga tao! Sino nga naman ang kakalaban sa baby diba?
But people, if you look beyond that, you'd see where Micho is coming from.   

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