WTF, Billy Crawford!?!

Sunday, September 07, 2014

Exactly my initial reaction.

Hitting a cop is one thing but female cop/s?

If this was true, then Billy has gone far beyond my expectation of how a rowdy celebrity should behave (at least during those inevitable times). 

I haven't gotten over how Vhong Navarro has beaten the rap while his integrity still being very much intact without considering what actually happened there. I am not into defending Cedric Lee and his hooligans but come on, is Vhong just picking up girls randomly despite being committed to someone? Another It's Showtime host, Anne Curtis has her shares of rowdiness when she allegedly slapped JLC (among others) and allegedly shouted at Phoem saying that she can buy her, her friends, and Prive (the club they've all rented to host their respective parties that night).

I mean yes, we all have our shares of weirdness in public but these people are role models. They carry popular brands being endorsed on TV and in print. These faces are everywhere. Are we really supposed to take their words for it?

But Billy Crawford really? Has it gone that far, really? Can't shake the image of young Billy Joe Crawford sitting on Kuya Germs' lap while being all so cute and cuddly! I mean, even his Bright Lights video doesn't look like he's that slammed.

Well, for sure, this will be arranged accordingly, like how it's always being done and dealt with.

I just hope these celebrities behave properly because they are being watched.

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Bonifacio Global City: Site of a celebrity gone wild.  Taguig police are readying charges against host Billy Joe Crawford for allegedly assaulting two policewomen.

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