Reliving the Books

Friday, September 05, 2014

I have been tagged twice just this afternoon about the books I've read (so far) that made an impact and gee, I've been on quite a hiatus! Let me give you my little reasons (hihi):

  • Since the tablets, I felt confused whether to read e-books or paperbacks (but because of the confusion, I kinda stopped for a while)
  • My eyesight has become more and more terrible and it was really hard for me to read especially at night time
But then I realized, my eyesight isn't going to become better unless I get lasik which I don't see coming anytime soon. I realized very recently that I should get back and start reading again. I've liked a lot of new ones but I kind of feel shy because when I see my friends' list, whoaaaa, BOOKS OF DEPTH  and my #1 book is Boy Meets Girl by Meg Cabot, ano ba yan! Nakakahiya! It's like, "am I supposed to make my list seem deeper?" but then it isn't me anymore right? My being tagged is a sign that my friends actually believe that I still read and I know if they'd discover my long pause, they'd be a little disappointed (not that I am known to be quite a reader).

I remember one former friend who thought he could be a novelist or something. He distributed like 5 copies to our friends for review --- imagine, FOR REVIEW. He made them read, review, and comment about it. Guess if I received one? YES, I DID. I received a copy as a gift (hahaha) and not for review. It's like I am the least person he would think of reviewing his piece and I feel slighted because hello, why would you give our friends copies to review at sakin regalo? Perhaps I don't read uber deep books (because they usually come in dark covers), I tend to choose happy covers, even consider specialized typeface (arte). My choices were lighter but that does not mean I am shallow.

Anyhow, in line with this challenge, I kind of recalled some books I stopped reading because I wasn't able to find the next novels to complete the series. Here's to more pambata books that I will start reading again since I was able to find pdfs via kickass torrents.

Final Friends
  • The Party
  • The Dance
  • The Graduation
Fear Hall
  • The Beginning 
  • The Conclusion - I haven't found this yet, unfortunately
Oh books! I need to be in touch you, especially with the likes of my new reads, Hunger Games and Divergent series, I really love to get back in the game again!

Here's to more book reviews in the future. Ta-ta! 

I miss my signature!

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