Pre-winter Crises

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

I was out malling the other day and I cannot help not see the beautiful clothes hanging @ the shop called New Yorker. I hate them clothes for being too small -- I mean, even their biggest size is so eeeh! Liit! I miss how my body would fit the smallest dresses and the tiniest garments ever created. This perpetual post-maternity body is killing me! I cannot wear the trending floral jackets because yeah, it makes my face look even bigger than it already is. So yeah...

I am quite feverish. I caught the flu from Brooklyn who just sneezes and coughs directly at me like I am some sort of target. I feel terrible being absent because I've had a lot of personal days already. With all fairness to me, I am not going for a long leave to Philippines this year so it is a win win thing. 

You're not lugi, noh! 
I am looking forward to my trip to Hamley's to buy Brooklyn another treat because he's sick. I wish toys can make things better for kids. I wish.

I really hope to be ok soon because being sick is not something I can afford right now.

I know it's winter wonderland already.

In God's will.

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