The Tact Story

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

I get a lot of weird encounters in Riyadh and it still amazes me how my fellow Pinoys (kababayans) are so comfortable with one another. I mean, I am generally the type that no one would immediately get comfortable with but shockingly, I get a lot of weird remarks from strangers that range from really flattering to insulting. The last one was too awesome to forget, it's when this Filipina came to me while I was on queue to buy some rotti buns in Panorama Mall and she just asked me, ilang buwan na yan, ate? (How far along are you?), obviously referring to my pregnancy. Sad fact is, I've already given birth for like 6 months ago and it sucks to literally get slammed in your face how fat you still are and how you still have that preggy belly you've been wanting shed out. Well, it's just one of the insane remarks I've had so far and I bet you, there are more to come.

I have my shares of tactlessness and I've suffered enough from it. Hello Feati University! I didn't know anything about that school and the only thing I knew about it was that it's beside a body of water, dirty and dark body of water, hence my stupid thought. Guess what, I made a pun about that school in front of a friend whose parents were not just graduates of Feati, but were members of the Faculty as well. I suffered for years remembering how stupid I was and how a silly pun has offended (or not) my friend. Regardless of the effect on her, it was so thoughtless of me and I was so sorry about it. I must not say anything, good or bad on something I know nothing about. I've moved forward, but the thought of it still lingers, however this time, serving as a reminder about being tactful and careful.

I guess we are just so candid about things that there are stuff we forget to hold to ourselves. I have learned my lessons well... I just hope others would too.

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