Dream Dreams

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

I had a dream last night which is super weird.

Contrary to what studies show, I don't really believe that dreams have significance. For me, dreams are just random thoughts that one's subconscious manifest --- not to necessarily have meanings.

Let me share the most recurrent dream I have so far. The dreams started when I was young (but old enough to remember). It was a big house that for some reason, I knew to be situated in New Manila (believe me, I don't know why!). It was of 80's architecture, similar to those mansions in most of the movies in the 80's. As I get older, the house becomes more vivid, new parts are introduced. I was a teenager when I knew that there was a pool at the back. I had my friends come over and I have a closet full of swimwear that's never been used so I pretty much can give them away to guests. In college, I saw a library. I would hang around and study there. The lawn was so green and there were a lot of orchids on display.

I still dream of this house to date but the difference is, I am too preoccupied to dwell on a dream because all of a sudden, Brooklyn cries and I have to attend to him. I don't usually have a sound sleep. I wonder what's in that house.

I had a very elaborate drive in New Manila at one point just to see where the house could be, but unfortunately, like in my dreams, the houses were bound by tall gates! How should I see them, right?

Well, I have another dream but it's for another post.

I still have a coffee to drink.

By the way, this photo was grabbed from google images and was taken by Elisa Ursalas. Her photos are amazing!

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