Desert Storm

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

I am starting to think twice as to how long I am going to stay in Saudi Arabia. Everything works fine with my family here and this is the place where I find raising a child so ideal (if you want your children to have a closer relations with you). But with the wars in the Middle East, I am reconsidering my future plans. The uprising these days is something I did not foresee because I actually thought Saudi Arabia is one of the most peaceful places in the world. I thought it's gone pass that stage (since the desert storm).

I truly pray for everyone's safety with all the threats the Kingdom's been receiving from militant groups. War is so unfair because the collateral damage is always the innocent. People die --- lives go to waste, all for the quest for power and riches. I don't get it. War for me is so medieval. Humans by now should have known that power isn't everything. It's happiness --- and power won't make us happy, not ever.

Then I remember the choosing scene in Divergent. Had I been born something else, would I have chosen differently? I am sure I won't choose Erudite, I just hate power plays. I perhaps would have chosen Candor. I just hope not to be Abnegation born, because had my parents been there, I would not be able to leave, I suppose, I mean knowing me and all.

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