Brooklyn's Paci

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Anyone who knows me probably know that Brooklyn is addicted to pacifiers. He may have the biggest collection of pacifiers in the whole babyworld! Whenever he throws tantrums into wanting to be on pacifier, he will cry and cry until we figure out what he wants. And yes, it came to a point that we can identify that particular cry, the "cry for pacifier!" When he became bigger, he would point at the bottle canister that has all his feeding bottles and pacifiers. He wouldn't refer to it or anything. He would only point at it and do his most desperate cry.

Amazingly, last week, the 2nd week of September 2014, I realized that he referred to the pacifier as, "paci" because that's how I call it and eventually, everybody has adapted it. He says it in a super soft way that you'd have the urge to have him repeat it over and over again until he's fed up.

I cannot believe how time flies! He's turning 2 in December and I am still thinking whether to throw him another big party or just stay with our plan to have a very solemn one as family! Gosh, I am excited but I don't want it to be a yearly tradition that is no longer as special. Hmm, I still have few months to think about it anyway!
The image is from google search taken from 
This video was taken sometime in late October 2014. Grabe ha!

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