My Top 15 Movie Picks

Monday, August 11, 2014

I was tagged by Faye to do this lil’ meme on my favorite movies of all time, at first, I found the challenge to be so easy (not challenging at all) but now that I am starting to think about it, boy it is difficult! She specifically told me that this doesn’t have to be in any order, like it makes it any easier, duh!

  1. With Honors – Sometimes, the basis of me actually liking a certain movie and putting it on a pedestal is how hard the movie’s made me cry. Well, this one is a total tearjerker at least if you’re someone who is likely to cry because of #DongYan engagement. Well, in totality, the story’s good and the soundtrack rocks!
  2. That Thing You Do- I just rented this VHS copy and I nearly did not return it, hahaha! It's given me a lotta goosebumps and well yeah, tears too!
  3. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix – I have to give it to JK Rowling for being such an awesome author of the book. The battle scenes were the best although it would have been better if they gave it a longer exposure in the movies. More curses and spells please!
  4. Life Force – I have to give it to this film being one of the most memorable films of all time. This has caused my lifetime supply of nightmares about a couple, naked with a sword piercing them through. Imagine those were my key words in google as I searched for this movie I’ve seen when I was young. Voila! I found it. I downloaded it and tried to watch it again… Whew! Did not even last for 10 minutes, it’s too awful to re-watch!
  5. Labyrinth – David Bowie is the creepiest dude alive for me in the 80’s. I thought he’s going to kidnap every baby in town. How poetic this movie was! My favorite lines were: “Alo!” “Did you say hello?” “No, I said alo, but that’s close enough!”
  6. Firestarter – Drew Barrymore is the cutest kid in town! She made me wish I can set people on fire by concentrating while the OST of Ula ang Batang Gubat play on the background. What really made me like it is the way the father got all the coins from the payphone. Being a kid and all in the 80’s, I so wanted to be able to do that to, all for the coins!
  7. The Holiday – Such a feel good movie. Who wouldn't want a movie with Jude Law in it!? This is like a movie for beautiful people except for Jack Black. I was like, why would you put Jack Black among these actors?! But then again, perhaps I just got this impression of him from the School of Rock and Tenacious D.
  8. Tropic Thunder – I must add something funny in this list. This made me cry literally because of the kid who’s trying to stab Ben Stiller. This is the funniest film I've seen that didn't star Vince Vaughn!
  9. Mean Girls – This is the best movie to watch if you’re bored. Lindsay Lohan is so pretty that you just want to watch Mean Girls over and over again without realizing what a junkie she’s become few years later. You go, Glen Coco!
  10. Back to the Future – I mean, who wouldn't put this on their list??? You must be crazy not doing so especially if you’re an 80’s kid! I grew up watching/re-watching this movie! I always feel lucky when they show this on cable and I get to see it without me going through my hard disk! The setting is amazing, the soundtrack superb, the actors are remarkable! I still feel happy whenever I see Biff somewhere else.
  11. Cruel Intentions- Isn't Ryan Philippe  the hottest guy in the early 2k's??? I totally got pissed he ended up with Reese because I did not realize she'd be like a goddess or something...
  12. Meet Joe Black- This is such a tearjerker! Inasmuch as I am not fond of Brad Pitt, I love this! Claire Forlani is just super pretty.
  13. The Never Ending Story- The movie that taught about courage and bravery! Who didn't cry when Artex fell into the quick sand?! I can still hear the key Bastian took as he skipped class to read the book.
  14. Click-My favorite Adam Sandler film. I realized time is of high importance and we should not rush things no matter how bad things go.
  15. Reality Bites-Wynona is the queen of beauty! The only thing that killed it is Ben Stiller! Hahahaha! "What's your glitch?!"

Honorable Mentions:
1: Taken
2: Coyote Ugly
3: Romeo and Juliet
4: Oculus
5: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
6: Enemy of the State
7: Catching Fire
8: The Net
9: Speed
10: Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen

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