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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

I was arranging my Itunes and adding some music that I love regardless if it won't be like that of my husband's (his is like the holy grail of Itunes!). I tried as much to include album arts and lyrics (since I love to sing). My husband can't help not snoop on my playlist and he was so irritated because I have like a million Regine Velasquez songs #lol. I won't deny loving Regine, she is the Asia's Song Bird in case he doesn't know (which of course, he does).

So what are the songs I included on my playlist:
  1. Of course, the never ending list of Regine's songs (which I need not enumerate)
  2. I've got 311's Love Song and Amber (my super fave relaxing songs)
  3. Adele's music too, which include her rendition of Love Song
  4. Got tons of Usher songs
  5. Then I have looked for Kenny Latimore's For You (I would have wanted Paolo Santos' version but I couldn't find one)
  6. I have James Ingram's There's No Easy Way to Break Somebody's Heard which was sung by Paolo Santos in Live Sessions (No Easy Way)
  7. I have John Mayer's Comfortable (the lyrics!)
  8. Rihanna
  9. Queen Bee's
  10. Justin Timberlake (of course, esp. that Not a Bad Thing and Mirror's on repeat mode)
  11. Jay-z
  12. Kanye West
  13. Eminem
  14. Maroon 5
  15. Lil Wayne
  16. Lisa Loeb (for nostalgia's sakes) I am surprised I did not sync my Alanis' songs
  17. Fleetwood Mac
  18. Lenny Kravitz
  19. Lani Misalucha
  20. Katy Perry
  21. Jason DeRulo
  22. Snoop Dogg
  23. David Guetta
  24. Psy
  25. Lorde
  26. Timbaland
  27. A ton of Hillsongs (which of course, I sing all the time)
  28. Another Level
  29. Bob Marley (oh come one, will I ever forget him?!)
  30. Coldplay
  31. Dr Dre
  32. Skylar Grey
  33. Zedd
  34. The Goddess, Gwen Stefani (love her!)
  35. Britney Spears
  36. Robin Thicke
  37. Timbaland
  38. Stevie Wonder (and dare I specify, I also have We are the World on my account)
  39. Nelly Furtado
  40. Never will I leave Miley Cyrus behind (such a fad!)
  41. Sistar (my doppelgangers, #lolz)
  42. Sergio Mendez (whoa! beat that?!!)
  43. Ne-yo
  44. Nirvana
  45. Pink
  46. Demi Lovato
  47. Gym Class Heroes
  48. Daft Punk
  49. Hahaha, Janno Gibbs (duet with Jaya, you know the song Paano?!)
  50. I also added my ultimate videoke favorite, Nanliligaw, Naliligaw, sung by Ima Castro and Lloyd Umali but was sung by Pops Fernandez with Mulatto in Videoke King OST
  51. And yes, I've got some Gary V too...

I know my sister and my husband will make fun of my playlist (if they don't already), but this is what I listen to. They just got to suck it up!

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