Feeling Meh: Of FB Manipulation

Monday, July 07, 2014

According to the article I've read last night, Facebook manipulated the feeling of at least 700,000 FB users worldwide. That's quite a number of mixed feelings alright! Well, I for one do not know what feeling meh means but I use it sometimes to describe nonsense posts (which I try to avoid as much by the way). I am usually putting cryptic messages on my status and I kind of not care whether it will affect my readers or not. For me, it's just a catharsis and I've learned my lessons of not putting too personal details on my status unlike before, which is hellllllooo, super unacceptable and those are the things that I totally regret as a person. Good thing my husband, who is often the victim of my catharses does not care! Hahaha!

Well, now, I am blogging, I am most probably, feeling meh as well. But I would rather not status it on FB as they might try to manipulate my network into hating me (if they don't already).

Well, seriously, I am really affected by what I see in FB, sometimes I get paranoid because there are people in my network that do not really belong there. People I wish who would just do the dirty work of deleting me instead of me seing their empty words of "parinigs." Amazonic as it may seem but I am the kind of person na, "away kung away!" I do not like grey areas as it confuses me as much as it may confuse others as well. I cannot be on a vague side so better be clear.

I am not proud to say that I do post some hateful status messages too but rest assured, the person or situation concerned at that moment knows why/who was I posting the "post" for. Oftentimes triggered by a fight with the husband, the sisters, or some other people of lesser value perhaps?! #LOL but rest assured, these people know it's them and won't delete me for that, because?!! A fight really happened.. it's not some kinda cyber way to brag how "TAPANG" you are... like really? "Tapang ah!"

Point is, FB (as trivial as it may be yet the staple of everyone's lives nowadays) can really ruin ones day and posts should be carefully thought over (note to self ha!). We don't want another million dollar project (if not multi) use us blindly just to prove that it can totally manipulate our emotions. It is a fact, a lot of my not so good days started over FB timelines. Certainly a waste of emotions...

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