Chie's Bridal Shower

Saturday, June 14, 2014

So I have deleted all of my blogs and exported it on an archive (, I want to start fresh and totally away from my old cryptic blogs and stupid writings. I am not saying these new posts won't be as stupid but at least, they're the newer type of stupid. Things I hope I won't regret writing, unlike those I've written some time ago. I am just glad blogger's been made otherwise, my fingers would all get calloused and I would have spent a fortune buying journals over and over again.

Last night had been fun. I spent the night with my girls from King Faisal and we three Chie a send off. She and Alvin will get married in July and it is kind of exciting because this by far is the most awaited. We've seen Chie get all so anxious about the preparations and her totally being hands on makes it so awesome!

My friends and I rarely meet unlike back when we were all single and when I was still in King Faisal, seeing them is kind of hard for me esp. after Brooklyn's been born and knowing how my schedule is so unpredictable but every time I see them it feels like how we were back in 2006 all over again! I miss having friends around. Just like how Ina said, perhaps she would never meet friends like us. Maybe she will, maybe she won't, nevertheless, I can still say that our kind of friendship transcends all the kinds of feelings there might be. I am just blessed to have them in my life.

Me, Chie, Jovett, Angel, Shine and Ping (not in phone were Tita Irma and Ate Edith)

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