Long Horn

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Yet another western restaurant in Riyadh. It feels good to know that a lot of restos are springing outside the crowded Tahaliya Street. I mean, finally, these "exits" has gotten some attention although I would say, the only restos that haven't disappointed me around that place are: Piatto, Benihana, and Planet Hollywood!

Ghad! Longhorn serves the saltiest food ever! From their bread, soup, to the main courses. You would really feel like you need dialysis after your dine in.

Being a potato soup addict, whoa, I didn't not even finish my 4th spoonful, I had to surrender because it is just sooooo salty!

The steak, hmmm, since I like my steak salty, I won't complain much about it. But as a steak addict, I must say I like being the one seasoning my meat, giving the right amount of salt and pepper on it. Longhorn did not give me much a choice because it's already been seasoned without any room to repair it in case you don't like salty steak... it's gone way beyond my saltiness level... but it didn't affect its good taste... I just worry about those who like it a little less tasty, like my folks probably!

Hmmm... I do not really like this restaurant, it only looks good outside but their WC isn't even acceptable. It is DIRTY, we had to clean it before use. What's that?!!!

We didn't complain because it was my sister's birthday, we only do the rantings when there isn't an occasion to spoil! :) They gave us a piece of ice cream cake for her birthday which won't really make me lie about how the entire food experience had been.

My husband was not with me during the dine in and he said it was not fair that I've made a bad review without him getting to taste it for himself... well, he's got some kidney stones removed 2 yrs back and I don't want any recurrence you know... I don't know what will make me accompany him for taste test... perhaps he could dine in there alone!?! LOL

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