Our Tahaliya Surprisingly Good Incident

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Super positive vibes on Riyadh I had to repost:
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No matter how others have stereotyped Saudi Arabia to be a terrible place, I must say that I will certainly miss how honest people are in here. I mean I thought what we've been taught from textbooks was no longer true, apparently, it still is (I was pertaining to honesty in KSA, I mean, people were just leaving their merchandise outside and people would buy even without attendant, you just leave your money and voila, you may take your purchase!)

We went to the burger joint somewhere around this area (see photo courtesy of google images, from beirutguy). I was with Brooklyn, my husband and my two brothers-in-law, I guess we got caught up by the Riyadh heat at that time so we were all rushing to enter the restaurant. We spent about an hour and a half in there.

After we've eaten, we left and headed to the parking area, and to our shock, we saw that our car was left open like reallllllly super open. We all rushed to see what happened inside and oh! we remembered that my ipad was there --- it was untouched.

This only happens in Saudi Arabia you know! Try leaving your car around Banawe more so, leave all your gadgets inside... tingnan natin kung pati side mirror nyo patawarin!

We were thankful that despite our carelessness, we were still blessed and protected.

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