My Traumatic Experience in a Local Hospital in Riyadh

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I am nearly unable to write this blog because I just feel so hurt. The Hospital where I was seen during my pregnancy finally replied to my letter. Apparently, I have been given the best care and was just dissatisfied.

Let me tell you my story, I found out that I was pregnant when I was already on my 9th week, give or take few days. Things happened fast, I was seen and was later given an order for NT ultrasound which was on my 12th week.
My Ob Gyne did not tell me the importance of that U/S and how imperative it is that I do it exactly on the 12th week. Due to the busy Ob Radiology Unit, I was not seen until the 14th week.

14th week, my baby's nuchal translucency was said to be thicker than normal. The radiologist looked worried and gave me the weirdest look ever, I was asking her what's wrong and she told me nothing, instead, she called for assistance, a more senior doctor went to verify her findings, she said, "oh that's a good photo! take that! yes, that's good..." she was making sounds like she was fascinated by the images. From how they sounded, it seemed like she's confirming what the younger radiologist suspected. But of course, they reserved the news for the ob to break. What a way to give teasers, right?

My radiologist asked me to take the report to my ob gyne who at that time was in Germany for a lecture. No one was available except for 2 doctors available for walk in, I chose the other one. She saw the report and looked at the images and she put her hand on her forehead, dismayed, looking so worried and told me it was cystic hygroma and I had to abort. I should terminate pregnancy immediately and that I should now see social services for counseling. I was not coherent that time, I was going crazy and I was crying. Good thing my husband was there being strong for me.

My question is, "how come there weren't any options given to me?" Are there no measures to take afterwards? Any tests to confirm?"

I spoke with a couple of friends who referred me to doctors from the Philippines and advised me a lot of other things to do. A friend who is a nurse told me the same things. He advised me of doing amniocentesis.

I went to see my ob gyne when she came back for vacation and the weirdest thing is that she confirmed my baby's hygroma and told me it's best to terminate the baby. She told me it's not being done in the Kingdom for my situation so I just have to go some place near like Morocco. I told her what about amniocentesis, she said, "You can also do that. Do you have access to it? because it's not being done here"

My questions are:

  1. Do these doctors really have to wait until I asked about it?
  2. So it is just an option, not a mandatory confirmatory measure?
  3. Why advise me to go to Morocco if there's something else I could do to confirm my situation?

Anyhow, with the way these doctors broke the news to me, I feel dumber for continuing to see them, contrary to what the doctor told me in the letter of reply, I actually went to see them. I never stopped despite being seen in a high-end clinic that killed my finances back then. I even gave birth in that hospital in fact!

I spent thousands of Saudi Riyals paying for peace of mind, the kind of care that made me sleep tightly unlike these crazy doctors who kept on making me go bananas. The doctor who replied to my letter of concern said that time has been given to me and proper care was done (I was just probably hard to satisfy?) without considering that I was not complaining about it. I was just telling them that their process of breaking the bad news had been terrible and unethical and that giving me no option was bizarre! I had to do my own research. I heard better advices from a young yet intelligent nurse compared to what these quack doctors had advised me to do.

I feel so disheartened that instead of apologizing for nearly terminating my pregnancy according to the stupid medical advice I was given, I was labeled to be dissatisfied for nothing as they've been great!

My friend underwent the same dilemma last week, apparently, they did not learn from their mistake done on my case since they think what I received was a very satisfactory care.

I just feel sad because hospital tolerates malpractice and negligence.

I just hope they'd experience the kind of care they provided me since they find it so great, perhaps experiencing it will make them understand where I was coming from. Having read their reply to my very detailed letter, I found that not only that these doctors are insensitive, they are also stupid because they totally did not get my concern and diverted the story elsewhere!

Stricken. I don't want to curse people. No one deserved the kind of care I was given, not even them.

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