Where We Dine

Saturday, September 01, 2012

Kaiser and I always dine out. We would frequent steakhouses like Outback, Fuddruckers, Planet Hollywood, Chili's, Buffalo's and Fuddruckers. If we are in the mood to eat less (at least ako pala), we would go Japanese, i.e. Yoshi Sushi, Furusato (kung may heavy duty budget lang), Tokyo, and our latest discovery, Oi Lounge. Kaiser loves oriental food that's why he loves Mirage, Korean Palace and Peninsula --- but I got to admit not liking them so much. I really do not enjoy how the smell of the place sticks to my hair but still, I accompany him whenever he has the craving. One thing I certainly hated in the past were Italian meals, but for some reasons, I loved it now --- my fancying it started at the latter part of 2011. I love Piatto, Pizza Company and Vapiano's. I never thought I'd ever eat non-greenwich lasagna! Hahaha, I know I am such a Filipino, right?! Yes, I am definitely Filipino --- taking special notes on my favorite Filipino restaurants:

  1. Potter's House - Sisig, Hongkong Style Chicken, and Lechon Kawali
  2. Blue Ribbon - Pansit and Tinola
  3. Dampa - Daing na Bangus and Sinigang na Hipon
  4. La Paz - Sinigang na Ribs and Nilagang Pata
  5. Jollibee - I got to include this even though it's fast food --- I just love everything about it!
I also love Thai foods here and there --- but I would only recommend The Villa Restaurant (because it's the only one I've proven hygienic enough), at least for my standards!

For occasions like monthsaries or anniversaries or birthdays, we try to be as fancy as possible (kung matimingan na merong budget, if wala then sorry! LOL), we dine in hotels like Four Seasons or in Al Faisaliah, sometimes in Sheraton...I asked Kaiser that come October, Ritz Carlton naman kami (treat nya!)

For me, eating is one of the luxuries in life we try to afford as much, we are NOT rich, kaya lang hindi naman ako maluho sa ibang bagay (in fact, I am thrifty). I try to make my meals as masarap as possible just to even things out --- kuripot na nga ako tapos gugutumin ko pa sarili ko? Kawawa naman ako...

Not sounding too matakaw, I also have some restaurants na I don't like (including the ones I've stated above):
  1. Crepaway (I know we're always here)
  2. Fat Burger
  3. Korean Palace
  4. Mirage
  5. Peninsula
  6. Friday's (Yes I know we're always here too)
  7. Steaky
  8. Sizzler's House (Ugggh!)
  9. Johnny Rockets
  10. Steak House
  11. Applebee's
About others which I haven't mentioned, we may have dined around 1 or 2 times palang sa kanila. It's not fair for them to be disliked so far. Let me get there more frequently so I'd have a say. For now, they remain unmentioned.

Thursday and Friday night, we had our dinner in Fuddruckers Sahara Mall and ordered the same exact thing. Kaiser ordered T-Bone Steak Medium Rare and I ordered Rib Eye Steak Medium Well --- the doneness of beef is never to be interchanged! Otherwise, I'd get the bloody one which is overly disgusting for my taste!

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