Monday, September 24, 2012

The bread was awesome

The soup --- I give it 5 stars!

Anything FREE is good!

I only wish I had steak knife. It wasn't available. The steak wasn't bad. I just wished they had more options on the meat part. The only options were on the flavors, all sirloin/tenderloin --- parts I kinda dislike. But taste wise, better than FRIDAYS!

According to Kaiser, this tastes awesome!

Cheaper than other places to think it was a big chunk

I had to steal some from my husband, delish!!!

I know Kaiser and I eat a lot (I am pregnant! Sue me!)

The place looked good --- modern! The parking space, knowing this is in Tahlia, is kind of difficult but tolerable if you're patient. The floor was kind of dirty because it's black (blame the architect!) The food attendants were nice and accommodating, at least the one who catered us. I just wished they had steak knives available.

The food tastes average except for the soup --- AMAZING!

The WC as per Kaiser had a very bright light which most of the time aren't preferred (as opposed to dim lights). There's a rationale behind it, I just forgot what!

Anyhoo, I would rate this an average. It may take time before we return to this place though. BUT one good thing, I would frequent this more than TGIF. I promise. Gosh! We used to like it there until all the teenage female made it as their day-to-day hang out! So chaotic!

Visit COCO's in Tahlia Street
Phone no. +966 1 293 9444   

This place is worth trying. The variety of cuisines may surprise you.

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