Oi Lounge

Monday, August 27, 2012

Oi Lounge is a Japanese Restaurant situated in Tahlia Street, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. They serve salad, soup, and sushi of course!

The place looks fabulous! I suddenly wanna throw my baby shower there and be all Blair Waldorfy (ref: a Gossip Girl episode where she's thrown a Japanese themed party)

This is how the place looks like:

Front (this is near Centria Mall and Johnny rockets)

This is the area in front of the bar where the food conveyor is located
Lounge set up (somehow like the Philippine bars we used to frequent back in those days!) 
There were several reviews done for Oi Lounge and one of our fellow Filipino bloggers commented being dissatisfied with the rice.

My husband was totally into it and finds the sushi and maki to be perfect, especially noting that other Japanese restaurants weren't serving "specialty sushis and makis" as opposed to Oi Lounge -- hence, his over satisfaction --- until I told him about the review I've read some time ago. With that in mind, he started noticing that particular texture in his rice. Weird right? I think it's psychosomatic though because he said he didn't taste it until I told him about it --- and besides, he said that it doesn't represent all the rice in its entirety -- more of just a few grains (according to him), how bizarre!

For more photos, please check this out!

It was unfortunate though because the only available thing were the squid products, others were unavailable because they ran out of ingredients. We ordered ramen (both of us) and he took home some sushis and makis. It was kind of spicy for my taste that's why I had them adjust it a bit. I loved it all in all!

To order: Please call: 01 4644641 (http://www.oilounge.com/)

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