My Horrific Sukar Experience

Wednesday, August 01, 2012


Never buy items intended for gifts in Sukar.Com! I mean, I am not saying not to patronize it at all but basing on our experiences (we never learn!), Sukar's service sucks when it comes to deadlines.

Few months back, I ordered a set of jewelry for a friend who's going to be leaving Saudi Arabia for good in few weeks. Thanks to Sukar, despite ordering in advance, the person whom I intended to give it has left before I got it. This I blame their courier ARAMEX. An express delivery that took more than 10 days waiting time and despite the frequent orders (and deliveries @work), they never recall the location of my workplace. I even had to meet them in Fat Burger so it'll be easier! And I forgot, Aramex delivers our work-related express mails too! I wonder why I encounter delivery problems all the time!?!!!

I still did not stop ordering. There are bits and pieces of items that do not have deadline, so I can wait. But I still don't appreciate their advertisement that items are being shipped within 3 days because from there, customers expect that items should be arriving sooner (not later --- for that matter). Sukar has to indicate that it does not happen all the time. If I am to prefer a long waiting time, then why not use instead? Items are prettier there anyhow!

I still ordered. I never learn right?! My mom's birthday was yesterday, and I ordered something that calculating the ETA of the item, including the "delay in delivery," it should arrive on the 30th --- 31st at the latest! Guess what?! It has not left their warehouse awaiting for COO. It is a requirement for the Customs Department that the item ships with it, otherwise, it won't be permitted. Okay, I am not a rulebreaker and I am all about legalities but with the multiple items being sold in SUKAR.COM that need COO before shipment, I hope the Management would emphasize that shipment in 3 days for such items takes 2 weeks or more before dispatch from the warehouse and customers should not wait because it's like waiting in vain! THE 3-DAY SHIPMENT DOES NOT REALLY APPLY. is a good place to buy online items but if you're on a 2-3 week deadline, don't settle. Go malling or something! If it's on sale in Sukar, most likely, it's also on sale elsewhere! Shop in Sukar for items that aren't in a hurry, otherwise, you'd end up getting disappointed like me.

**I called their customer service hotline and I advised the CSR to suggest to indicate the need for COO for items requiring it prior dispatch. She told me they'd start indicating it. I hope they would. I don't want to stop ordering via but it should not continue making customers expect something that does not really apply all the time.

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