Sunday, July 29, 2012

We availed the 39SAR Cobone vouchers for Vapiano. Again, Kaiser and I enjoyed the food. According to him, their TIRAMISU is by far, the best in the Kingdom, but since I am not quite into sweets, I cannot guarantee it, I just gotta take his word for it.

The Inside
Loving the organic indoor garden!

Kaiser ordered Carbonara and Calzone and he loved it, as usual. Check out the photo and you'd see some dates on the side. Most restaurants are serving dates and Saudi coffee these days as part of the Iftar tradition.

I ordered Pepper Steak Pasta, something new (as opposed to my regular Lasagna), I always eat Pepper Steak (as steak), not as pasta :D It was delicious!!

We took Salmon Pasta (no photo available) to go and it was as good!

The food was served hot (GOOD). Although my orange juice was also served warm (hello heat!), I was hoping it could quench my thirst but it didn't.

Service Sucks. Except for the Arab guy who was attending to us (he had been of good service). Our fellow Filipinos barely listened to our call when we wanted something and not only that... they just stayed by the counter (very close to where we're seated) and they just talked incessantly and loudly that Kaiser and I could not concentrate on our conversation. We felt bad because they were not attentive at all and it looked like they were bullying the Arab guy into doing everything.

Food had been good and I think that matters most! Thanks COBONE!

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