Anthony Bourdain in Riyadh: #NoReservations

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Well, having a well-rested day yesterday, I was able to browse youtube and all of its essences from the old Mcdonald's commercials, San Miguel Beer, the illuminati, and some Saudi Arabian royalty stuffs. Guess where I stumbled into? Tadah! A youtube link for No Reservations, (Anthony Bourdain's Food and Travel Show) and what's amazing is that it's the Jeddah, Saudi Arabia episode. I mean, I didn't really bother looking for it despite my husband's incessant stories about it (only to miss the fact that it was shot in Jeddah, as opposed to my understanding that it was  actually shot in Riyadh) --- talk about something hard to miss! :)

Anyhoo, in this clip, (1 of 1 -- and automatically links you to the succeeding parts), you'd see that Tony's tour guide was a Saudi lady who's actually into film and production and she was born in the States. You'd see that she isn't like any typical local residents because her face is exposed (although I should say, this is quite common nowadays, I mean, more liberal Saudi females who do not fit the stereotype). What's good about it is that despite the modernization, their culture and norms are still innate and they are still burning with faith which is apparent esp. in how they practice their religion. This is the fire other religions must possess (except for Mormons and Jehovah's Witness who are defaulted to be diligent and on fire!)

What's amazing is that the lady who was guiding Tony does not eat most of the "rare dishes" she's endorsing to eat and you'd find her somehow disgusted by the smell or the taste -- it's fun to see how they would normally react to things because we rarely see them in the same situation. I am blessing having to work with female Saudis and seeing how cool they are and how intelligent they could all get! I actually made her see this clip and I am sure, she would react the way the guide reacted when she's about to eat the lizard :)

I for one haven't been to Jeddah and it sucks because I haven't tasted the best of Albaik (especially the chicken broast), because whenever someone brings me one, it's moist already and of course, not crunchy anymore! I heard this is one of the best chickens in the world!

I gotta try it someday...

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