Steaky Strike 3

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

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We went to Steaky last night for the 3rd time and we're trying to give them an opportunity to redeem themselves :)) I mean they've got the worst service ever during my 1st dine in... I told Kaiser they were awful (warned him so he would not expect much) because he wasn't with me during my 1st dine in experience. He didn't quite believe me because he said Filipino service couldn't be as awful as I described until he experienced it on his own. They weren't friendly and accommodating and there's "dabog" factor pa over a mere question raised by a customer... The fish fillet sampler was quite awesome to let go... so we decided to go there for the 3rd time hoping the crew would be more "professional." To my "no" surprise! --- they maintained being their usual selves... one guy was decent --- I think he's Indian and of course, he's a trainee --- I hope he won't be as awful as the Pinoys once he gets to be permanent!

One thing we did not expect was 2 Filipino food attendants were fighting... yelling at each other in the highest decibel! I mean were you not supposed to work and just be the professionals that you are??? People hear you and most of all --- you've got Filipino customers who can actually understand you...

I won't recommend this restaurant if you're BIG on service!

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