Ugggh, Steaky!

Friday, April 08, 2011

Kaiser and I went to Steaky yesterday evening, he did not want to have his photo taken, kainis! Though I seem to enjoy the food, I must say that my second Steaky Dinner was a failure. Not to mention the bad service, I mean, people were less attentive to the guests (probably because the counter was too far from the family area) but then, the Management should have made a way to patch it up, I mean this is just a simple lapse --- crew crowding @ the male area.

So anyhoo, the food wasn't at all superb unlike the 1st time we were here (with my family). Despite the poor service, the price was given justice by the awesomeness of the food, but now, sadly, it was not at all to compensate for their bad service. People were a bit snobbish unlike the waiters in Fuddruckers (any branch), Tony Roma's, Chili's, Friday's, Ketchup, and Buffalo Wings. I wish they made an effort to get away from my not so tasty Ribeye and Kaiser's my gosh! Cannibal Steak.... I mean, he ordered his steak medium-rare... but I think they had it medium raw. Epic fail!! Kaiser and I did not have time to argue for it since it's salah (prayer time!) so he had it bloody like that, despite him being not really so into it.

So there... I would not discourage you to dine in here.. see for yourself, for all I know it was just one bad night for us :) besides, it was an awesome Ribeye on my first dine in (pwede namang chumamba rin kayo!)

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