Thai Food!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Kaiser, Knicks (his brother), and I went to the hospital last night and we had to dine out as well. After the long contemplation as to where to have our dinner, we've decided to have some Thai food this time.

We ordered of course: TOM YUM and PAD THAI (the staples!), Shrimp Cake, Buttered Fish with Spicy Salad and Steamed Hammour

It was a super heavy dinner... Kaiser and I made a pact to diet seriously in May. Well, I am becoming like a balloon right now... and I ain't pregnant so it's a lil' creepy, because what happens if I do get pregnant!! Man! I'll be something larger --- a parachute perhaps??

Anyhoo, I am taking my diet plans seriously... and some work out too, of course!!!

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