Jollibee in Riyadh

Monday, February 07, 2011

Our long-awaited thing one of our long-awaited things finally happened! There's Jollibee in Riyadh once more!

There used to be a Jollibee in Riyadh for about more than 10 years ago, but for some reasons, it was shut down. People say it's because Filipinos turned it as a dating place which is seriously nuts since dating isn’t allowed in the Kingdom unless, you're dating as married couples, worse, --- either of you have brought your parents along.

Another theory people talk about is that the old food chain was fake. It wasn’t a legal franchise at all. So when Jollibee Corp. found about it, the store was forced to shut down. Although surprisingly, despite the lengthy building process plus the total actual business operations, no one immediately had it close down, I mean, for it to not be discovered immediately, I wonder if that was the real reason??? --- (Although I know for a fact that there's one similar case to this --- Heart Evangelista tweeted about the fake Barrio Fiesta in the U.S. – I forgot which state, it wasn’t a legal franchise as well). Things happen but someone reported about it, I wonder why it took some time before someone reported that violation (old Jollibee, Riyadh that is) --- to think that the food in that old store tasted like crap! --- totally not Jollibee-ish.

Anyhoo, I haven’t been to the new store, I think it opened yesterday and according to grapevine, the queue for food was crazy… I don’t wanna join the fad, I might visit it some time next week with hubby. What humored me was their mascot… totally Saudi!

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