Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Peninsula Divider Aquarium

My Undying Tempura Craze
A glowing wish
Lobster Termidor
Nice Tasting Rice
Shrimp Ball
It's always been "fine" dining at the Peninsula Restaurant. It's a bit pricey but knowing that it's Ramadan by tomorrow, we should be making the most of it while we can. Having tasted their Lobster Termidor for the 2nd time makes me not think of the bill. The taste was so right. Even their Tempura, I mean, I know I've been eating a lot of it lately, but seeing a platter filled with huge tempura makes me wanna take like a box of antihistamine. See these shrimp balls? They're like these soft biscuits from bistros only with tasty shrimps inside. We loved it! It tastes better when it's hot.

The service @ the Peninsula is totally superb and the attendants were all so welcoming! I've always loved the ambience at the Peninsula Restaurant. We love the floor, the lighting and the aquarium dividers! It's always been a fun-filled experience dining in this place.

It's one of the best possible meals prior engaging to a month of fasting... :)

Peninsula Restaurant
Al Maather Street (King Fahad Road nr Tamimi Market)

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